Gender selection

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I’m going to speak about gender selection. I’ll start with a little introduction to understand what gender selection is, after that I going to tell you about advantages and disadvantages and finally I present my personal opinion about gender selection.

So, several couples want to choose the sex of their child. For that there are several old methods like the Chinese calendar, the regimes to have a boy or a girl. But these technics are not very dependable. The medically assisted procreation is the surest means to have the result that we want, it can select embryos for have onely the desired sex and it implantes them in the woman . But impossible in Europe to make this means, it is prohibited by the law. The law specifies that just the pathology linked to parental genetic anomaly likely transmitted can be searched in the embryo, in concrete terms, with the exception of any sexist selection. But many clinics propose discreetly bypass the law. In USA, in Israel or in Jordanian the medically assisted procreation is authorized.

So now, I’m going to talk about the pros of the gender selection. First advantage: if you have many boys and you really want a girl, the medically assisted procreation is a sure means to have the desired result. Second and most convincing advantage: the semen is selected before to be implanted. So we can avoid the risk of future genetic diseases. We can select, in addition to the gender, embryos in good health. We can also mention that there would be advantages in countries like India for example. In this kind of countries, people are poor and if you have a boy you don’t have to pay a downy. But in this case, gender selection should be more reachable and more cheap. Now it is too expensive, between four thousand and seven thousand franc.

Now, let's talk about disadvantages. First : embryos which are not implanted are destroyed. The problem is: When does life begins? With this question we can see that there a ethical problem. Parents and

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