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Although some of it is disappointingly true… I do believe we still have time to make our impact.

We’re young, smart, brash. We wear flip-flops to the office & listen to iPods at our desk. We wantto work, but we don’t want work to rule our life.

We are never caught without a cell phone

BUT being so “out-of-touch” …really keeps us IN touch!:

“Peter Pan Generation college students werefrequently in touch with their parents and they used technology at higher rates than people from other generations. In their survey, they found that 97% of students owned a computer, 94% owned a cellphone, and 56% owned a MP3 player. They also found that students spoke with their parents an average of 1.5 times a day about a wide range of topics. Other findings in the survey included that 76% ofstudents used instant messaging, 92% of those reported multitasking while IM-ing, and 40% of students used television to get most of their news and 34% the Internet.”

My generation (those bornbetween 1980 and 1995) is referred to as the Boomerang or Peter Pan Generation because of our “perceived penchant for delaying some of the rites of passage into adulthood longer than most generationsbefore them and because of a trend toward living with their parents for longer than recent generations.”

Not just our fault:

The primary cause of this increased trend can be defined in economicterms. Economic crises, including the dot-com bubble in 2000, and the United States Housing bubble that led to the current financial crisis have made paying market-level rent, or any rent, difficult for ageneration riddled with high unemployment levels.

However, economics is not the only explanation. Questions regarding a clear definition of what it means to be an adult also impact a debate aboutdelayed transitions into adulthood.

The concept of ADULTHOOD is so last generation. Lest you need convincing of how unfashionable it has become, look around: evidence of the trend for immaturity...
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