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There was thirty thousand people at this concert

How do you know that ?

I don't know exactly, but anyway, there were hundreds of people.

We used to see each other every 2 weeks to find out if we can master the knowledge that the 3 first books of the aggregation progamm contains.

World's peoples have lot's of troubles finding the way to preserve peace in spite of the advice and information given by international organizations.

The applause that this designer got for the quality of the clothes he presented gave an additional piece of evidence of his creativity, so that, when news of the evening appeared on television, journalists already had all the knowledge allowing to get rid of the criticism of the tabloïds of his own country.

When we visit Egypt in summer, we seek shadow everywhere because, despite all scientific progress, the sunshade of ages ago is the only important technological advance to avoid sunburns. Yet, in the egyptian landscape, we see few of them. Only the guides had the good idea which consists in don't wearing a hat which warms too much and using large white sunshades which look like portative parasols.

The Netherlands is a small country by its size but is a big one if we're thinking to the quality of the works of art warehoused in their museums.

Nobody has seen the director this morning, hasn't' it ?

Ten millions francs is a considerable sum of money for people who win the lottery and don't have the habits to handle a lot of money.

After virulent discussions, the government agreed upon not to increase income taxes.

In some cases youngs people with long hair didn't get a job in public works for which they did have the requiered

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