Glastonbury case

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Marketing Plan – 2005

Over the last three years the Festival has been successful both in challenging the perception that coming to Worthy Farm without a ticket was acceptable, and in changing the behaviour of those who in the past had done just that. The messages about the fence and security have been writ large across the media since 2001 and few of the target population, orof the criminal fraternity who previously preyed on the Festival, can fail to know that getting into Glastonbury Festival without a ticket is not a starter. The hard messages about security have been supported over the years by the overt linkage of the Festival with the work of charities and beneficiaries and this has contributed to making many others think again. The combination of theseapproaches was called “No ticket, No show” campaign. The Festival will continue to communicate the messages in this campaign, but some resources previously used in this successful campaign can now be redirected to other PR priorities. In 2004, for the first time, significant PR attention was focused on the impact that festival-goers have on the environment of the festival site with some success. Recyclinglevels increased dramatically and there was no pollution of the watercourses on site. In 2005 the Festival will develop this theme and reinforce the robust environmental messages promoted this year. The Festival will also continue to encourage and promote personal security and crime reduction when on site. The Strategy • The “Green” Message

Environmental issues remain a major concern foreverybody involved with the Festival. In the past two years, significant headway has been made promoting the fight against pollution of the streams and encouraging better waste management practice. The “Green” message will be promoted from the outset - particularly dissuading people from urinating in streams and hedges and only using the toilets and urinals provided, and following the “Bin it, Bag it,Recycle it” message which features strongly in the Festival’s Environmental Statement. Prior to the event the “Green” message will be included in Festival advertising material, on the Festival website, in the Fine Guide (which goes out with tickets) and will be included in contact with the media. During the event festival goers will not be able to miss the “green” messages. They will be mentionedin the programme and the daily paper, there will be highly visible posters and notices and the message will be reinforced from the main stages. Last year a team of volunteers acted as “Green Police” patrolling the site theatrically, embarrassing anyone who committed an environmental “crime” and encouraging recycling. They will be out in force again in 2005. The Festival will also continue to workwith sponsors in promoting recycling, as done so successfully with Budweiser who made a donation to WaterAid for each beer cup recycled. The Festival will again ultilise the services of CCN, a grant funded, not for profit service which helps and supports community composting schemes. In 2004 CCN volunteers were very effective working in the markets, encouraging recycling and good waste managementpractice.

Personal Security

The Festival has successfully actively promoted crime reduction messages and encouraged personal security for the last three years. The website and Fine Guide are the main contact with festival goers prior to the event – and during the event Radio Avalon, the programme and the daily paper are the main media to continue to press home these messages. Ticketsecurity when coming to the Festival, security in the carparks, leaving cars overtly empty, taking care on site, the lack of security provided by tents, the support provided by Campsite Stewards and the use of property lockups will all be highlighted again. The “Don’t bring what you can not afford to loose” message and the “Look after each other” message will again feature. • No Ticket No Show...
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