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definition: the increase of exchange, of goods, services, trade people, information, on a world wide (large) scale (echelle)
The idea after the 2 worlds wars was to promote peaceand therefore (donc) definie new zones.

The role of WTO (world trade organisation) is central since the global village includes about 140 member states

the planet becoming a "global village"* from economic point of views; the idea is to promote economic agreements on trade and tarif. Creating a global village implies borders so that taxes on products and services are reduced
*Protectionnism should no longer be an obstacle to invest (investir) capital abroad
(étranger) in other member-states
* there is more competition between companies more offer available (disponible) onthe market
* but likewise (de même) the international economy has aquired with a worldwide dimention with national economies so entwined (enchevêtrer) that a problem local
* the risks ofinternational economic crises is higher

Capitalisme and the MONOPOLY POWER

Capitalisum rules the world economy
Companies tend to grows bigger and bigger.
Huge international lobbies (foyer) now rule theworld
Companies needs to bigger to face competition (les entreprises ont besoin de grossir pour faire face a la compétition).

Outsourking or SUBCONTRACING (sous traiter)

More and more westerncompanies resort to (ont recours à) outsourking or subcontracing. They no longer produce goods in western factory but sign contracts with emerging countries to have their products made abroad.
Indeedthe labour costs are a lot cheaper, in those countries they made more profits.
The social contributions and taxes are a lot small in emerging countries

Brands (marques)

Capitalism and theconsummers society are linked
Brands are very important in a consummer society, they represent more than the product itself but a symbol of social status.
They can also be a guarantee of quality for...
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