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1) What was Google before becoming a company?

Google before becoming a company was a project of two Stanford’s students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They first met on the Stanford‘s campus and started to talk and talk. The feeling was there. One had the idea and wanted to innovate, be an inventor and revolutionize the world wild mean while the other had mathematic capacity. The two of themcreated a real corporate success: Google.

Page at twelve years old, already wanted to be an inventor like Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s inventions were very innovative for this time but his only problem was that he didn’t know how to commercialize it. And the first goal of Page was to bring changing and enjoy it by becoming rich. His principal obsession was about efficiency and it is reflected inGoogle Company.

As internet was very successful in this time, every student hoped to build something thanks to the network. As Page dreamt it. His first objective was to “create a tool that allowed sites to easily discover and declare their back links”.

2) What technological innovation did Google come up with in search activity?

The technological innovation Google come up with insearch activity was about the new tool created to search on the web. The “classic way” was to click and follow link from one page to another and Google permits to find links back of pages.

As Brain has incredible mathematical capacity, he created an algorithm which permitted to manage all the system. This system will permit to analyze the relation between one internet pages to the other. This isthe Backrub system, a new and innovating search motor.

3) How does Page rank work?

Google leans on the theory of what we can call “papers and citations”. When a doctor or a student writes a paper and make a research, he makes citations of other papers where he can find his references. So, more the paper is used to make citations, more we can considered that it is popular. This is the wayto rank papers, if they are used by other or not.

Page rank is a tool created and used by Google to rank all the web sites existing on the spider web. It evaluates the popularity of a web site by giving them a note. So based on “papers and citations”, Google uses Backlinks, which identify and evaluate the links on a web page connected to another.

4) What innovations did Google come upwith in terms of business model?

In term on business model, Google does really work differently. For example, every company has a marketing budget and it might be the heavier as marketing permits to sell your product. But Google decided to adopt a different point of view by not investing into marketing. They tried it by hiring some fancy marketing people of the moment but it didn’t work. Why didthey really want to invest in marketing if they will have to find the money then or cut the half of what they won? Marketing wasn’t a priority for Google and still not be.

Moreover, still on the marketing point. Google decided to avoid ad banners which would permit them to generate a lot of money but Brin and Page didn’t want to work like every company, and especially do the same mistakes. Sothey invented the concept of “text ad” only to company with a special target words. And the revolution here was the way to sell it. Inspired from the GoTo’s method, they created automated self service model witch permit companies to buy their ad by credit card on line. So a new service was born: the Ad Words.

Instead of concentrate on marketing, Page and Brin decided to focus on PublicRelation. They considered that if the press likes you, you win everything because they are going to talk about you and related to the public. A quote with recalls everything “With press like that, who needs a Super Bowl ad?” And that true.

About the infrastructures, Page and Brin built such a strong system because even if the traffic in Google increases every day, it still works. The system is...
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