Graduates’ job hunting under the financial crisis

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Camille Litaudon MME3 2009
Fang Lu Research Methods
Huang Wen Jessica LICHYBrancier Jean-Baptiste Group 15
Wang Yingying 10/11/2009
Zhu Yi

Graduates’ Job Hunting

under the Financial Crisis

Graduates’ Job Hunting under the Financial Crisis

Terms of reference:The MME3 Research Methods module offers students the opportunity to work on a topic they like making research on it and trying to explain how things are afterwards thanks to academic and professional sources. This report was ordered by Jessica Lichy in September 2009. It is the result of a 12 weeks group work composed of 6 students.

These students are: Jean-Baptiste Brancier,Fang Lu, CamilleLitaudon, Huang Wen, Wang Yingying and Zhu Yi.

The final work has to be submitted on the 9th of November 2009 and its oral presentation will take place on the same day at IDRAC.

This work has been realized thanks to Microsoft Word software 2007 and the online software Encuesta Facil ( which helped us creating a survey and analyzing its results.


1. Abstract 42. Introduction 5

3. Literature Review 6

4. Academic Underpinning 13

5. Contemporary Interpretation 16

6. Critical Analysis 19

7. Hypothesis 20

8. Survey 21

9. Analysis and presentation of results 23

10. Conclusion and Recommendations 29

11. Learning Experience 34

12. Sources 35

13. Action Plan 38


The Research Methods class allows usworking on a topic we like and which catches our attention. This is a team work which has to be presented in written and oral reports. Its objective is to teach students how to organize their ideas, how to differentiate all the information they can be confronted to, etc. …

This precise report is about the graduates and the financial crisis. A precise aim: “graduates’ job hunting through thefinancial crisis” and four objectives directed us to answer to our main interrogation: “Could the financial crisis be an opportunity for graduated seeking for a job?”

Thanks to online, offline, academic or contemporary sources, we came step by step, objective by objective to the following conclusions and recommendations.

From all the references, we see that there are a lot of ways toget through the financial crisis. In terms of graduates themselves, they should first maintain an optimistic attitude. They should have confidence of themselves and turn pressure into motivation. They should have the belief that they will get over the crisis with hardworking and self improvement. When it turns to us, who are at university, it is an alarm that we should get ready for the future.When hunting for a job, one should not reach for what is beyond one's grasp. Set up one’s goal to find a job and don’t try to achieve what is beyond your capacity. When it fails, it will talk you down. Graduates can apply for those small and medium-sized enterprises.

If you don’t find a job or you think it’s hard for you to find a job, you can further your study by entering apost-graduate school or you can develop your own business as there are government policies to promote graduates’ self-employed.

As in many countries, governments are now taking measures to seek to provide more jobs for graduates and "put the issue of graduate employment first." Also, it helps graduates obtain more employment information, create more job opportunities and encourage students to work...
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