Green plastic

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Recycling is the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products.
Our organization strives to be green, sustainable and gives back to society by producing and supplying utensils to companies, but also by supplying and recycling energy efficient products.
As a recycling organization supplying utensils to companies such as airlines and hotels we will strive to make our products and recycling plants environmentally sustainable and energy efficient.

Our company believes in


As well as supply and demand of our initial product, the company has three ways to make money. The first one is selling recycled plastic to other companies.
Our company supplies plastic manufactures with green recycled plastic. Our customers are large plastic consumption firms such as car manufacturers, home supplies or electronic products manufacturers. One of the main advantage for our customers to work with us is to be able to claim that they contribute to sustainable development by using recycled green raw materials to produce their lines of products.
The second way to generate revenue is to supply large passenger transportation companies such as airlines or train companies with cutlery, dishes and cups made of this same recycled green plastic. As a partnership with those large plastic consumption businesses, we collect used products on monthly basis and we recycle those plastic parts into new green raw material. Therefore, even though recycling involves high costs treatment system, we are able to offer a very competitive price on those products because our production costs are lower thanks to the fact that we collect our own raw material. Our goal is to expend this leg of the product range by acquiring new customers.

We are currently working on a new project in order to extend our product range. The idea of this project is to create our own brand of plastic tableware. This product line would introduces a all new way to

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