Guide de jeu resonance of fate

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Following a lengthy cutscene, you'll find yourself in control of your party minus one character: Leanne. You're advised that your characters can now wield two guns at once to inflict increased damage. This is true if your levels are high enough, but remember that your party members need to be capable of carrying that sort of weight around with them. You may need to remove some accessories and you may also need to level up a bit if your characters are below level 35 or so. Level grinding is your best option, if needed, since you'll still be playing around in Silver Canyon and likely want to keep your gear equipped that can defend against ice attacks. There's really not much that you can safely accomplish in this chapter until you can dual wield, so make that your first priority before tackling anything else. Then you can worry about the new story mission that also has been made available. Cold Medicine
Reward 25 Hunter Points Location N/A Objective "We should be able to find some cold medicine in Silver Canyon on Level 7."

Leanne is sick and her two friends want to find cold medicine. Head to Silver Canyon, near where you concluded the previous chapter. This time, venture into the Chemist's Closet area, which has opened up to allow you to explore it. Inside, you'll find a new boss encounter with the Cannon Colossus. Defeat that monster and you'll receive the Cold Medicine, which you should take back to your base in Ebel City. Upon arriving home, you'll receive credit for completing the quest. Though your next explicit destination is Silver Canyon, as dictated by the 'Cold Medicine' mission, you may also wish to activate the chapter's optional quests along the way. Some of them are rather easy and yield substantial rewards that will help you in combat. Visit the guild in Ebel City to activate several of the side missions. The Fashion Check
Reward 8 Hunter Points, 15000 Rubies, HG Drum Magazine Location Garigliano (Level 3 - Garigliano's Manor) Objective "Help

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