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Shawn Corey Carter alias Jay-Z is an american rapper and businessman, he was born 4 December 1969 in Brooklyn
carter was called ''jazzy'' which he modified into Jay-Z
He'sfather abandoned the family before he became a teenager and he was raised by his mother.
Jay-Z formed is own company with some friends in 1995 to avoid that the middleman drain the profits; thatcompany was called Roc-a-Fella Records
His first album, Reasonable Doubt, came out in 1996
This album was a hit with the critics and had a gold single, to have much of impression with the masses Jay-Zembarked to his first world tour, who was a succes.

Rivality with Nas:

This conflict dates back to 1992 when Nas and Large Professor had an argument with Jay-Z and Jaz-O (who was the mentor ofJay-z), Nas refused to sing the lyrics to "The World Is Yours" for the chorus of a song by Jay-Z. However, the relationship between the two rappers remained peaceful. Upon the death of Notorious BIG(in 1997), who was the best rapper of New York, the place of King of New York seemed vacant. The fans were so impatient to see who would take the title.
some rappers are talented enough to take over.Among them: Nas, 50 cent ect.
Jay-z was very far behind. but his first album Reasonable Doubt, assures a place on the ring. In 2000, Nas and Jay-Z clash in several of their songs, they multiplicatedthe albums and this ''war'' seemed interminable.
to determine the winner Hot 97 (who was a famous hip hop music radio of NY) judge the last two titles. The verdict: Nas wins! This make an end to thisbattle

Hip Hop:

Hip-hop is a cultural and artistic movement emerged in the United States at New York's Bronx in 1970. It originally come from the black ghettos of New York, it will rapidlyacross the country and the world as to become an important urban culture.
Some Disciplines like deejaying, rapping, b-boying and graffiti, were assimilate upon the birth of the movement.

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