Histoire de la chine

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James Byrne 5-B

China, one of the world biggest economies, is going through some very serious problems. Currently, China is one of the most polluted countries in the world. According to aworld ranking, “China ranks 121rd among pollution control”(indiatimes). China is believed to be so polluted that visiting China can be hazardous to one’s health. For example, when Beijing hosted thelast summer Olympics, many athletes decided to not participate due to the smog level in the air. Today, People have assumed that China doesn’t care about its environment. Likewise, I agree with thisstatement simply because China has shown that they are a country that will keep economically growing even if it means destroying their own environment. China’s has been growing stronger every year buttheir environment is crumbling more and more. This huge increase in the economy has made China blind to the damages been doing to nature. Unlike North America, the people of China are very unaware anduneducated about aspects such as global warming, green products, and garbage management. “Garbage removal is primitive. Education in school is minimal and the government has not made any effort tosupport any environmental-friendly actions. “Chinese don't know Garbage classification. Waste plastic bags are visible everywhere” (Forum).” The population of China is 1.3 billion people in which few areconscious about the environment. Therefore the amount of trash that is produced is extremely large. “In 2004, the urban areas of China generated approximately 209 million tons of municipal solidwaste, catapulting the nation past the U.S. as the largest generator of waste in the world” (earth911). “The amount is projected to reach a shocking 533 million tons by the year 2030, according to theWorld Bank “(earth 911). In conclusion, China may continue to grow economically and be a worldwide powerhouse but if they continue to be careless about their environment, worse things can happen. Their...
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