Essai en anglais

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Chapter 1

“What's up, doc ?
- She has been strangled” answered the forensic scientist.

Margaret's body was lying on the ground. Her arms were unmoving, her denuded legs were inert.
It wasearly in the morning, and I couldn't see anything in the dark, just a blond figure.
She has been killed in the night. An anonymous call has averted the police and … I was there.
I walked to her deadbody and bent down near it. I touched the corpse and felt it frigid. As cold as the death. Her face had lost its beautiful pink colour which made her so cute. Now, her body was livid and colourless.“You know her, doc, don't you ? I asked at the physician
- Yeah, that clicks ! I thing it's Gaby. But I'm not sure, she's not recognizable: she fell down the stairs - she's got many hurts -
- But you'reright. She was famous, a young talent.”

Yeah, she was well-known. She had been as pretty as a picture, very charming. Margaret, nicknamed Gaby, was recording a film with a big budget while she wasmurdered.
I stood up and walked away from the corpse. I thought I was very unlucky: it was the first time I could meet a famous girl and … She was dead.
I had to find Margaret's relatives. I phonedthe producer, John Stood.
“Who the heck* is calling this early in the morning ?!
- Good morning Mr Stood. Inspector Connors speaking.
- Huh ... I see. What can I do for you ?
- Margaret has beenfound dead last night, Mr Stood.
- What ? Gaby ! No, it's impossible !
- I'm sorry.
- Oh my God … What happened ?
- She has been killed, strangled.
- Are you sure ? It can't be Gaby …
- You lookvery affected Mister Stood. Did you have special relationship with the victim ?
- Huh … No, I was only the producer. I'm married”

Was he sincere ? I didn't know. However thanks to him all theworkers, technician and players went to studio and I could have a question about this assassinate.
I spent an hour to see all the employees. But all the while I had to interrogate everyone, I learnt...
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