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Good morning,
Nice to meet you
My name is mila bastidas and I’m a salesperson for ioma.

Ioma is the brand of intuiskin, the cosmetic company for 2 years ago.
Intuiskin is young in the market ofcosmetic but in full development.

I’m here to give you all the information that you need about our product

First, I would like to ask you some question, to target you needs and know what youexpect from this product

What cream put you at the moment? You put it daily? In the morning and evening?
How do you feel your skin?
Gleaming or dries?
Do you clean your skin before putting thecream?
With one produced special for
You make exfoliating scrubs and masks one for a week?

So, to summarize you feel your skin
You needs …

I would like you to remind you the concept of mycompany

The cosmetic by the proof, we have products and devices to take diagnostic for target your imperfections and recommend you the good products.

Our products are without flavours and paraben,they are concentrated at 8 percent.

I see that you don’t know what you need for your skin,
I propose you to take a appointment for make one facial treatment Ioma.

The progress is very simple, wewill to diagnostic your skin for target your imperfection.

The machine proposes one treatment for the result. There are 7 different treatment, one for hydratation, fine wrinkles, wrinkles andfirmness, for skin dirty, red patches, buttons and pigmentary tasks.
There is 3 times different: 30 minute, 60 minutes or 90 minutes.
After that we make a after-diagnostic for show you an immediatedifference and efficiency of our product. And with the result I can propose you products for your imperfections

Our machines have the diploma H.pirantoni en 2008, and very reliable. Know our brand is inMarionnaud a giant company.

The price for 30 min: 40 euros
60 min: 70 euros
90 min: 95 euros

If make a appointment now I can offer you one product wich you need at he end of the treatment.,...
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