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Diane Attienyo
Prof. Edwards

1- According to Hitler, nature made strong persons, but also weaker ones, and this “one of the fundamentalprinciples Nature uses in her work” (364). People with a higher level shouldn’t have interactions with people from a lower level because they will lose their greatness,“the stronger must dominate and must not blend with the weaker orders and sacrifice their powers” (364)

2- The Aryans are the basis of the human race, they arethe reasons why the humanity is how it is, and without them, they won’t be any civilization, “the Aryan alone is the founder of the higher type of humanity, andfurther that he represents the prototype of what we understand by the word MAN.” […] Eliminate him – and deep darkness will again descend on the earth after a fewthousand years; human civilization will die out and earth will become a desert…” (365). The Jews on the other hand have no “idealistic spirit” (365), they don’t have teamspirit neither, “Jews act together only when a common danger threatens them or a common prey attacks them. When these two things are lacking, then theircharacteristic of the crassest egoism returns as a force […]” (365). According to Hitler, Jews represent the evil.

3- Hitler states that only no groups but ratherindividuals made decisions, the leader must be free to do however he wants, without having to ask to others, “There are no majority decisions, rather only responsibleindividuals, and the word ‘advice’ will once again have its original meaning. Each man will have advisers at his side, but the decision will be made by one man” (366)
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