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In this presentation we will talk about housing in England from the post-war years, to nowadays with the housing crisis, we will try to focus on the different housing policys and their evolution

I/ Situation from Post war years to nowadays

a/ Middle 20th century marked by the soar of council houses which is a form of social housing, council houses were built and operated by local councils to supply uncrowded, well built homes on secure tenancies at below market rents to primarily working class people. . During the Second World War, over a million homes were bombed, a lot of houses needed to be rebuilt or repaired so from that moment forward there was a major boom in council house construction but towards the ends of the 50's it showed certain flaws many problems, especially poor protection from damp and weather ingress, as well as other serious design defects. Even so the construction of council houses remain steady during the 25 following years.

B/ Council housing declined sharply in the Thatcher era, as the Conservative government encouraged aspiration toward home ownership under the Right to buy scheme. When thatcher arrived there were 6.5M council houses, one of the first measure she took was to raise the prices of the council houses in order to make them less attractive and then she launched a wave of privatization with the 1980 Housing act.

The Housing Act 1980 was an Act of Parliament passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom that gave five million council house tenants in England and Wales the Right to Buy their house from their local authority. The Act came into force on the 3 October 1980 and was seen as a defining policy of Thatcherism. The Right to Buy Scheme allowed tenants to buy their home with a discount of up to 60% of the market price for houses and 70% for flats.

Home ownership grew from 55 % of the population in 1980 to 64 % in 1987. By the time Margaret Thatcher left office in 1990 it was 67 %., But it can

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