How to reach success

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How to be successful
Or a recipe to reach your goals
When asked success is, most people will have a different answer. For some, you are successful when you are loved by many as for others; youreach success if you reach your goals. But also, if we link this problem to our last class sections on theater, is success the same in everyday life as onstage? We may also wonder what success reallyis. In a first part, we will seek success’ meaning and in a second part we will compare success onstage and in the daily life.
If we take the dictionary’s definition, success is “the favorable orprosperous termination of attempts or endeavors”. The first sense that comes up to the mind is when an event accomplishes its intended purpose, when you reach your goals or you childhood dreams. But itcan also be seen as a lifestyle, “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like”. Success would then be achieved through popularity and the love from your groupies. If you are loved andadmired by others, you will be a role model for some, which can be considered as a form of success. Love is then success.
Consequently, if you want to be loved by others, you must accept yourself.Self-confidence is then the key to success. But self-assurance must not develop into arrogance or haughtiness. It is just like ignorance “touch it and the bloom is gone”, it must be kept at a balancedlevel, just between too low self-esteem and overconfidence. If you take a look at the present day stars, none of them ever show their self-admiration, or if they tend to do, they do not stay famous verylong. In conclusion, to be successful, you must be humble. Modesty can be regarded as the highest form of pride, and would therefore be the secret to reach success.
However, does success onstagerequire the same values as in the daily life? Funny as it can seem, obedience and unselfishness are the necessary condition for success on the stage. In a play, you must listen to the director’s...
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