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In order to put into practice our knowledge in human resources we are asked to do a team project linked to our Employee Development. The main goal of this project is to provide a practical experience on a simulated human resource development consulting and to build and design an efficient development plan for an organization.
As we all are French students in our group we have decided to focusour researches on a French historical company who faces since a couple of years a deep human resources crisis: Orange – France Telecom.
We will develop several key points during this project in order to cover most of the human resources aspects; firstly we will describe the organization and the context that it deals with. Then, we will do a job analysis of one of the position existing in thecompany. After that, we will build and design a training, learning and development plan to settle in order to solve any problem that we would have described previously. And lastly, we will lead a reflective piece on our team project to highlight what went right and what went wrong in this task. This last part could be linked to our own experiential learning process.

A) Description of Orange – FranceTelecom

a) Presentation
Orange – France Telecom is one of the largest companies in France and remains known as the historical telecom company.
Back to 1878 and phone’s invention, the Post and Telegraph ministry is created and that was the first step of France Telecom’s history. Nearly a century after, in 1988,

the brand name France Telecom appears for the first time. In 1992, the companylaunches its first offer as a mobile provider, it was called Itineris. Four years after, the organization entered into the stock market but remains owned for 51% by the French Government. Moreover, 1996 is also the year of the apparition of the first offer as an Internet provider named Wanadoo. In 2000, Britannic mobile provider Orange is swallowed by France Telecom. And between 2004 and 2006,France Telecom is privatized and changes it brand name and becomes Orange. Lastly, since a couple of years the company faces a deep human resources crisis because of the privatization that led to the grinding of the hierarchical pyramid and finally to a wave a suicides within employees. That is one of the reasons that drove us to the study of this organization.
Today Orange – France Telecom hasmore than 168000 employees and works into the following sectors: Public, Mobile, Internet, B to C and B to B communications but also in Contents Production, TV Broadcasting and Healthcare Area. The company has more than 160 million of customers around the world, mainly in France but also more than 20 million in the United Kingdom. The annual turnover in 2010 was 45,5 billion euro whereas annualprofit was 4,88 billion euro (+26%!).
After this brief historical and financial presentation of Orange – France Telecom we will highlight the threats and opportunities that have most affected the industry and organization and the strengths and weaknesses of the company under the framework of a SWOT analysis.

b) SWOT Analysis
We have decided to schematize this SWOT analysis through a graph in orderto facilitate the reading. Obviously, we find the classical method of the analysis by explaining several strategic key points as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

This graph shows us that Orange – France Telecom still is a very powerful company in a leader position. Nevertheless, since the privatization some core strategic issues have appeared, as we could notice it in theWeaknesses box.
Communications sector still is fast growing area and nearly every six months a new opportunity shows up in term of company’s development thanks to new technology’s development. Orange – France Telecom has to be in the heart of this innovation channel to remain as powerful as it is today.

Regarding to the threats that Orange – France Telecom has to deal with, the most important...
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