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Starting a new business: How can it be a success? What risks and drawbacks are there?
Illustrate your essay with examples from the documents you studied.

First of all, when we decide to start and create a new business, we have to take some risks. Indeed, we have to contribute financially to a project. We should have enough money, to follow our idea to the end. Then, an entrepreneur has to create something new with a new idea; we saw that with Jeff Weinstein who created a new restaurant with a large choice where the customer can order the ingredients.
Furthermore, a new entrepreneur has to be self confident, make good choices, make good decisions and most of all innovate. Then, they have to be very motivated and fulfil their dream at the end. To be motivated is the key to success; we saw that with Susan Nichols who started her project because she fell during a yoga class and finished with a real concept of fast-drying non-slip towel. Moreover, a project can be a success if the entrepreneur thinks about the others and if they have the motivation to satisfy the needs of the population.

Finally, the major symbol of success is the number of companies or franchises we make in a country and most of all, the annual revenue we have with them. In fact, Jeff Weinstein and Susan Nichols started with one company and in a few years, they became successful across the country. And then, Jeff Weinstein and Susan Nichols earned millions of dollars in a few

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