Introduction au droit et droit civil cavej

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Lecture 2: The British Constitution & Monarchy

To convey: traduire (au sens de communiquer, transmettre)
To set up: établir, ériger
To embody: incarner (embodiement)
To draft: rédiger
A landmark: un point de repère
To lay down : établir par écrit
A tax : un impôt
Taxation : fait de payer des impôts
To summon: convoquer
A trial : un procès (from to try: juger)
To make sure that
Bill : Texte de loi proposé au Parlement (projet ou proposition)
A money bill: un projet de loi de finances
To veto a bill: opposer son veto à un projet de loi
As a result of: en consequence de
Comprehensive: complet, exhaustif
To be entitled to: avoir droit à
To implement: appliquer (une loi, règle)
To regulate, regulation: réglementer, un réglement ou une réglementation
Faith: la foi
Advice: des conseils (some advice)
To appoint: nommer
To raise a question: soulever une question
A duty: un devoir, une obligation
To give rise to: donner lieu à
Capital punishment: la peine capitale
A press release: un communiqué de presse
To question : remettre en cause

Part 1 The British constitution

The British constitution

The British Constitution is rather an English Constitution imposed on Wales, Ireland, Scotland : saying a set of constitutional rules rather than a constitution is more appropriate
English constitution is unwritten, untrenched and set to be flexible as opposed to the French and American Constitution which are more rigid. Unwritten means uncodified: never put into one single all inclusive code, one single document 2 main categories of constitutions: ordinary acts of parliaments and rules that exist without ever having been put formally in a document. Napoleon contemptuously (avec mépris) looked down at England because of that and since he was the Code Man in France.
This is a specificity of UK as their law is judge-made law (droit jurisprudentiel).
Unentrenched: trench (tranchée) conveys the idea of protection, to entrench: to

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