Is the world flat

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Is the world flat?

Thomas Friedman, in his book named “The world is flat; after all”, gives a new definition of the world. Indeed, some technological progress and economical facts made our roundplanet, flat. But what does flat means really? A flat world is a world where the notion of distance doesn’t exist anymore, and as a matter of fact, the way of life has been changed too. But the realquestion is “is the world really flat? That is why, I will show you why and how it became flat but I will present you some aspect that no changed.

A long time ago, scientist tried to make peopleunderstand that the world look like a big blue ball, and now, modern economics tells us that the world is flat. Beware, that is just a metaphor, to say that distances don’t exist anymore.
IndeedGlobalization came changed the order of the world. First of all it was a small globalization called “globalization 1.0”, just the fact that countries were discovering each other, the consequences were heavybut the distances still existed. The big progress appeared when internet went public in 1995. It changed the way of communicate for companies first and later for individuals. It became possible forindividuals to get internet thanks to the massive investment in this “New technology”. As a matter of fact, internet changed the way to communicate and work. Now, you can work in collaboration withanother continent without trip, you can have video conferences, emails, phone call. Moreover, emerging countries like India, China or Brazil which have no resources or goods, decided to put money of thefuture biggest means of communication, and equip them of this new technology. This is permitting them to development of their economy and being part of the game. In addition to that, the hugeinvestment made the price lower and made them accessible for individuals. Thanks to that, there are no geographic, no distance, and soon no language barriers for a global business, that is why the world is...
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