Jack the ripper

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Jack the Ripper the Killer in the sharp kinives!

Jack the ripper is the nickname of an English serial killer of the end of the XIXth century, whose identity was never revealed. Thenickname so known for the general public results from a letter sent to the news agency London Central News Agency by a declaring person to be the murderer. Jack the ripper murdered at least fiveprostitutes of the poor area of Whitechapel, in London in 1888. The mystery which surrounds the identity and the motives of the killer intrigued
numerous investigators.

The Supects:
The policesuspected seven men. He had there:
- prince Albert Victor of Galls, heir of the crown of Great Britain.
- The doctor and the surgeon Sir William Gull.
- The painter and the artist Walter Sickert.
- JamesMaybrick.
- The Sir Leslie Melville Macnaghten.
- Francis J. Tumblety.

However, the famous killer would be in reality a simple hairdresser whose name was never revealed publicly. After 5 Jackthe ripper official murders, the policemen succeeded has to find several indications which led all to the young hardly 26 years old hairdresser during the facts. At once after his detention in anasylum, the murders stopped. The police deducted that from it with this murderer's kind, the murders stop either in the death of the killer, or during its detention.

The operating mode of the killer:The first four crimes took place in public; pavements or inner courtyards. In the time, the acts of prostitution took place neither in the hotel nor in the private apartments, but during the night, inan inner courtyard or in a passage deprived between two buildings, even at the end of an impasse thus for the killer it was much easier to kill these women.
The characteristic facts are: the victim(a prostitute), the doggedness of the aggressor, the place and the used cutting weapon. There is no mutilation. On the other hand, five murders of Jack the éventreur going crescendo to the horror...
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