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Jagan is a sixty-year old shopkeeper in a small town in southern India. He would like to know more
about the future plans of his son Mali, an arts student aged twenty.
He asked his cousin, ateacher in Mali's college, to investigate.

The cousin came back four days later and said, "New things are coming your way; your son wants to go to America. Didn't I hint to you long ago that it wascoming ?"
The first shock of the impact blanked our Jagan's mind for a time, and he caught his breath as he had a momentary panic at the thought of his son removing himself geographically so far.
Heinanely repeated, "America ! Why Americaa ? What has happened to his book ? Has he written it ? Hasn't he written it ?"
"He thinks he will have to learn the art in America."
Jagan was furious at thisnotion; it was outrageous and hurt his national pride .
"Going there to learn story-telling ! He should rather go to a village granny." he said, all his patriotic sentiments surging.
"Exactly what itold him," echoed the cousin
"did Valmiki go to America or Germany in order to learn to write his Ramayana ?"
asked Jagan with pugnacity.
"stange notions these boys get nowadays!" ha said, avoidinggently any specific reference to his son.
"What has happened to his book ? "
he asked desperately
"He will write it in America," said the cousin.
Jagan felt completely crushed; adverse forcesseemed to hem him on all sides.
"What has America to do with writing his book ?"
Because, perhaps, it's the only country where they teach suche things."
"They eat only beef and pork in that country. Iused to know a man from America ans he told me..."
"They aslo drink a lot of intoxicating drinks, never water or milk," said the cousin, contributing his own bit of information.
"And the women arefree," ha added.
"I have seen some of their magazines about films; their women mix freely with men and snap off marriages without ado, and bask in the sun without clothes."
"Where did you see all...
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