Japanese consumers

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What comes to your mind when you think about Japan? You may think about cherry blossoms, traditional geishas, tea ceremonies, humanoid robots, manga or even high consumerism.
In fact, Japan is a world composed of massive cities where people are always surrounded by advertising, noise, screens and lights. This country could be a commercial paradise for some people or a world difficult to understand for others.

What are the roots of high consumerism in Japan?

What made Japanese companies so successful?

Marketing strategies are not a secret anymore for Japanese experts. They know exactly the means to draw the customer’s attention to their products or services. In the 60’s, the Japanese households followed the “American Way of Life”. They were always looking for new electronic domestic appliances. They also began travelling around the world with their unforgettable camera or their rucksack. Nevertheless, the events which happened during the 90’s slowed this trend down.
In fact, the burst of the financial bubble, the earthquake in Kobe and the gas attack in Tokyo changed purchasing behaviors and priority purchases. However, the Japanese society is characterized by high consumerism, and women are especially affected by this phenomenon. In a society where it is complicated to express one’s self or to find a husband, women have concentrated on their work and hobbies.

What do women like the most? Of course, they like doing shopping.
Even if women remain the core target, there are also other customers’ categories for which each company establishes a concise and malicious strategy. A. The best customer The customer that all Japanese companies tend to captivate is the unpredictable young Japanese lady. In fact, girl power has been having a big impact in Japan.
The stereotype of the best customer is often a woman who is wage-earning, 30 years old, single, and without any child.

Most of these ladies

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