Jimmy carter

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English : Jimmy Carter.

James Earl Carter ,also known as Jimmy Carter, was the 39th president of the United State of America from the 20th of Januari 1977 to the 20th of Januari 1981.
First of all, we are going to talk about Jimmy Carter as a person of everyday life (before he was president), then we will talk about Jimmy Carter as the president of the USA from 1977 to 1981 and finaly his post-presidency life

The life of Jimmy Carter before he was president:

On the 1st October 1924 he was born in Plains a small town in the state of Georgia and he’s the first president born in a hospital. In the family they were farmers and they believed a lot in god. His parents were James Earl Carter and Bessie Lillian Gordy. He had one younger brother and two younger sisters. He studied in different university such as the Georgia Southwestern College then in the Georgia Institute of Technology and finaly he graduated in the United State Naval Academy in 1946. After his studies he wanted to work in the Navy but after the death of his father he changed his mind and start the peanuts farming in his hometown Plain.

The beginning of his political career :

He began his political career by doing small things like governing some entities as the schools, hospitals and librairies.
After that, in the 60’s, he was elected for two two-year terms in the senate of the state of Georgia.
In 1970 he started his democrat campaign to become governor of Georgia. He wasn’t a segregationist but during his campaign he said things that segregationists wanted to hear and maybe that’s why he was elected governor of Georgia.
However when he was governor he was the first politic man with such responsabilities to say that the segregationist time was done and there’s no place for it in the future. He stayed governor during 4 years.

In 1976 he started his presidential campaign but nobody really thought he had his chance to succeed. However the Wategate scandal wasn’t forgotten and then

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