La croissance

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Dream for my father
Barack_ OBAMA _
an excerpt from Barack Obama's autobiography entitled "Dreams from my Father"
was published in2004
This passage raises the issue of race relations and the poor economic situation in Kenya after independence
the scene is set in Nairobi, thecapital of Kenya.
two main characters: Barack Obama, who is the narrator of the story, and Auma, his stepsister, who lives in Kenya.
The scenefirst takes place in the outdoor cafe of a big hotel, where Auma and Barack want to have lunch. As they are waiting for the waiters to come and take theirorders, an American family comes and sits down a few r^ tables away from them. The waiters are very quick to attend to the Americans, while Auma and Barackhave to keep waiting, feeling like they are never going to be served. Auma is getting more furious with every minute that passes because she can tell thatthe waiters care more about serving white tourists than black locals like her. In the end, she decides to leave the restaurant. On her way out, she tells oneof the waiters that he should be ashamed of treating his own people this way and throws a banknote down to the ground to show him that she has money too andcan pay for her food. Outside, she discusses what has just happened with Barack.
Plan :
an interesting reflection on the complexity of racerelations in Kenya
What it means to be reach in a poor country
an interesting reflection on the complexity of race relations in Kenya
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