La peine capitale

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Counter pro for capital punishment

Capital punishment is considered as a deterrent which in fact is false. Statistics have shown that whether deathpenalty is present or not, the rate of criminality has remained has almost constant. This is because for example if a person is executed, after some timepeople will forget about it so that capital punishment will no longer act as an efficient deterrent.

Capital punishment is not the solution to eradicatecriminality. We cannot kill people but instead we can help them out. The death penalty is the bluntest of "blunt instruments," it removes the individual'shumanity and with it any chance of rehabilitation and their giving something back to society.  We can give them psychiatric treatment and inculcate them withmores.

“an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Revenge is not thesolution to crime. We must also believe on the transformative power of forgiveness.

Moreover killing a criminal would a too simple punishment. We canpunish them by refraining them to meet their family members and their children. They can also contribute to society by making them work. They can be used todo arduous works such as working in mines or digging up of tunnels.

Death penalty is believed to make the society safe so that the criminal will not beback. But how can we be assured that none of the criminal’s relative will take revenge? That does not mean that we must kill the criminal’s whole family !
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