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-Mr Marlowe it’s your name isn’t it ?
-Yes , it is .
-I’m a police inspector who is put in charge of investigating this crime . Can you tell me what was you doing in this place ?
- I’m a privatedetective , you should understand that I was leading when I heard one scream.
- Um… ( he writes on a pad ) What was your reaction afterwards ?
- I entered into the room and saw the man lying on thefloor
- Can you describe him ?
-I’m afraid I can’t , you know it was so dark that I could not see him clearly
- ( walk a little and see the blood on the floor) Have you got the least idea of theprésence of this blood here ?
-It’s must belong to Goble…Oups
-I find it very interesting … but who is Goble and why would it belong to him ?
-I’ve already said that I made an investigation ! Goble wasmy client er … what is the more his nose have been broker !
-Who broke his nose ?
-I don’t know and even if I know anything I won’t tell you because it’s MY investigation !!!
- But i’m a policeinspector and if i want , I can convict you of a crime ! So you should answer !
-I’m not going to confess a murder that I’ve not comitted !
- I just want to know more about this story , Did you seethe murder’s arm ?
- The guy had pointed a gun at me um…I’ve to defend myself !
- How ?
- By usinh a tyre iron !
-Which tyre iron do you talk about ? We haven’t found any tyre iron in the crimesscene !
-Are you sure ?
-I think you’ve hidded it because you may feel guilty of something isn’t it ?
-Yes of course ! And after I stay in the crimes place , answering your questions and thenwaiting for giving me up to the police purposely !
- You’re killing me right ?
- No it’s alright , you’ve just accused me of a crime whereas I answer you questions
- Ok …er …Ok I trust you ! So whereis the tyre iron ?
-In my car ! What a great surprise isn’t it ? A tyre iron put away in a car !
- My colleagues may look for it in your car and i’m going to need your keys !
-Ok but I need...
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