Le facteur

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Alex : Hi everybody !

William : Hello, what's your name ?

Alex: I'm James Morisson and I'm 22 years old.

Pierre : Well, where do you come from ?

Alex : I'm from Liverpool.

Clement: What's your job ?

Alex : I'm a plumber.

Clement : Oh ! that's great ! I love plumbers! They are so muscular and beautiful.

Alex : Yeah, Thanks you...

Clement : But why aren't youPortuguese ? Plumbers are Portuguese, aren't they ?

Alex : No they're not !! I'm English.

Clement : That's a shame...

William : Alright... So. Well, what are you going to show us ?Alex : I'm going to show you some magic tricks.

Pierre : Ok, when you like.


Clement : Wow ! That was incredible ! What a talent ! How long have you been practising this ?

Alex :Well, that's my first time in front of many people but I've been practising for 2 years.

William et Pierre se regardent.

William : Is it a joke ? It's completly uninteresting and boring. It'snot a talent ! A kid can do the same.

Pierre : I completly agree with my friend. There is nothing spectacular in those tricks.

Clement : No that was pretty good! I really like it ! I think youreally have your place in this show.

William : No ! No ! No ! I can't believe you like it, Oh my gosh I will never let you pass !

Pierre : Oh ! Oh easy ! Calm down I agree it was notawesome but there is no need to get excited.

Clement : So what shall we do ?

William : I say NO !!

Clement : I really like it and I want to see you again.

Pierre : Well I'm really sorry butI didn't really like it. It's better for you to go home and train harder. I'm sorry, you did not pass the audition.

William : I want you to never come back please ! I don't want to see youanymore.

Clement : He was GOOD! would you shut up just 10 secondes please.

William : He wasn't ! I've lost my time with him.

William et Clément se disputent

Pierre : Can you Stop !!!....
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