Le parrain the godfather analyse

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Edouard Gueury, Thomas Becquart
Mario Puzo’s The Godfather (1972)

Support: Computer (texts, video extracts, pictures…)
Main point of interest: How is this movie still so cult today?
Main ideas :
* Synopsis
* The actors/their role
* The direction (setting, the music by Nino Rota…)
* The interest in the subject by the audience

The Godfather has been directed by theAmerican director Francis Ford Coppola in 1972; it is based on the 1969 Mario Puzo’s novel. The movie is one of the famous films ever thanks to different elements, such as the actors, which have made it so cult and very well received by the worldwide audience. The Godfather has been turned in 65 days and costed about 6.5 millions dollars. It is ranked at the second place in the IMDB Best movie everranking; it’s also considered as the best American movie ever by the American Film Institute.

The Godfather deals with an aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty, Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) who gives the control of his empire to his reluctant son Michael (Al Pacino).
Cast -the actors- their role
The Godfather cast is kind of prestigious; some of the actors have even been discoveredthanks to the movie.

Don Vito Corleone is the most famous character of The Godfather, played by Marlon Brando. He’s certainly the character who made the movie so famous and cult. He’s composed of many characteristics of the gangster, largely based on Frank Costello’s or Carlo Gambino’s (famous italian-american gangster): raspyvoice, hair pulled back, suit, politicians and judges on his payroll, elegant…
In the movie, Don Corleone is the head of Corleone family, the most powerful mafia in New York and even of the country. He’s presented as an ambitious Italian American who has been successful, moving from the Hell’s kitchen and building a crime empire. In the early 1900’s, he’s a young Sicilian boy who immigrates toAmerica just after the successive murders of his brother, then his father, and finally his mother, all of them killed by Don Ciccio, the local mafia boss of the small Sicilian town of Corleone. When he arrives in New York, a family, the Abbandando family in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, adopts him.
He grows up in the Little Italy of Manhattan, prospering through petty crimes until hisfirst crime in 1919, Don Fanucci, the mafia boss of the neighborhood who had tried to extort money from him. He then starts an olive oil business, which become the first importer in the country and uses it to hide his illegal operations, amassing a fortune. In the 1930’s, he finally organizes all these illegal operations as the Corleone crime family. Through the years, he builds the biggest crimeempire in the country founded on gambling, bootlegging and union corruption. All its members called him “Godfather” or “Don Corleone” as the sign of respect in the typical mafia families. Don Corleone leads the Family until the 1950’s. At this time, a big mafia war raged between all the Families. But when his son Sonny is murdered by one of them, Don Corleone organizes a meeting between all theFamilies chief to end this war and to announce his succession. He finally dies in 1955 of a heart attack.
Thanks to the movie, we can watch and follow his opening and his rising through the crime society, starting in a little food shop in Little Italy and building, through the years, the most powerful crime organization in the United States.
In this video and in the entire movie, we cannotice the amazing interpretation of Marlon Brando as Don Corleone, and the interpretation owes a lot to the imagination of the actor who has used different technics to get into the character of the Godfather: for example, he used handkerchief in his mouth and waxing in his hair; he also took a raspy voice to create a real and unforgettable cinema character. Marlon Brando received an Oscar of the...
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