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Leadership Development


Master of Business Administration


Produce an individual written assignment critically evaluating my leadership style and produce a plan to show how you will meet your development need(s)

Semester 2 – 2006 / Semester 1 2006

Born half French half German, I was educated inFrance, where I qualified through different exams in economics at the University of Angers (1997). Immediately after graduation, I started travelling Europe with the goal to embrace different cultures and techniques. I have fulfilled my aims in 3 different countries before settling in London, working in the fish industry.
Nevertheless my experience of leadership has always been limited. I havebeen working most of my carrier on my own. Only recently, a business partner working within the same industry has joined me in order to create a new company. This partnership had very little impact on my leadership as my partner remains silent, and I am the only employee of the company and I am working from my home office.

A glance at present situation:

Due to the nature of the business mostof my suppliers are abroad and most of my customers are located out of London. I have very little, “face to face” interaction with my environment.
Most of the transactions are made over the phone. Time is an issue: the faster the call is, the better it is considered.
Focus should be made on communicating assertively.

A glance at the future:

If the company is meant to grow, my directinteraction with people will be developed. Until that day comes, it is very difficult for me to anticipate what leadership behaviour I should adopt.
Due to the rarefaction of fish stock, the fish industry will have to negotiate drastic changes.
Kotter (2002) has underlined leadership behaviour in the heart of changes.
Steps 1 get the vision right.
Steps 2 communicate for buy in goal.
Steps 3empower action.
The above steps are requiring a repertoire of leadership skills but among them: communicating vision & empowering are steeping out.

These three skills +should be considered as my immediate focus in order to deal with present situation and prepare for the future.

Data, source and limitation:

The Jung Type Indicator (JIT) is a questionnaire design to assess a person’spreferences along the four dimensions. From knowing these preferences, it is possible to anticipate how a person will normally prefer to act in a variety of different situations. It is also possible to anticipate how a person will typically prefer to approach many aspects of his/her work.
My Jung type test was passed using the MBTI® test, Myers-Briggs Type indicator, Introduction to type, sixth edition(2000) my score falls as follow:
Extravert / Introvert: Extravert 14 / Introvert 11
Sensing / Intuition: Sensing 16 / intuition 14
Thinking / Feeling: Feeling 13 / feeling 10
Judging / Perceptive: Judging 19 / Perceptive 4

Belbin® Team Roles questionnaire
A team role as defined by Dr Meredith Belbin is: "A tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.
Itmust be noted that different styles may be adopted according to the demands of the situation and consequently a descriptions of my predominant and secondary team style is provided.
Team role combination: Team worker/ Implementer
Personal Development Journal (PDJ): cited in Managing self development – leadership development (2005p 126). “A set of paper in which you regularly record your experiencesand key actions, events and interactions in which you have participated and your reflections on them”.
Feed back: cited in Managing self development – leadership development (2005 p 123): Observations from other people who observe or experience your behaviours. Feeds backs have been gathered through questionnaires among 6 different persons.
-The managing director I have been working for...
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