Les clichés européens

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Do you think that there is a European identity?

If so, can you describe it?

For Europeans: The similarities that bind them together become very clear when g p taking a step back For h F others: N E No Europeans b diversity but d of Europe

Europeans value tradition and quality of life. In many European countries, family and leisure time are considered p y moreimportant than career and financial success. Europeans display high levels of formality When formality. communicating, you should address Europeans by their surnames and proper titles unless they tell you to be less formal. f l It is polite to refrain from interrupting and show respect for defined roles and responsibilities. When you work with Europeans, let them know your personal interests not justyour vocation. B polite b t not t di t ti Be lit but t too direct.

Where were the croissants b ? h h born born?

Who are the th llargest b t beer consumers in Europe ?

Who has introduced tea in Europe ? p

What i Wh t is a prejudice? j di ?
A preconceived idea on a person or a g p people. group of p p Always based on a stereotype. Because prejudices come from our social environment, todemolish it request an awakening, awakening a work on ourselves ourselves.

What is a stereotype?
The concept of stereotype was invented by Walter Lippmann g an advert agent in 1922. Several definitions : - The stereotypes are a simplified generalization applied to a whole group people, without taking account of the individual differences. - The stereotypes are solidified images, about thebeliefs and of p y simplifications of reality. - The stereotypes often aim at justifying the control of a group g p toward another group.

Regions in Europe
Northern Europe (Scandinavia) Germanic Europe (Germany, Netherlands) Latin Europe (France, Italy Spain) (France Italy, Anglosaxon Europe (Great Britain) Middle and Eastern Europe

Some Social Differences Between European Cultures
InMediterranean European countries it is normal, or at least widely , pp , y tolerated, to arrive late for appointments, whereas in Germany punctuality is very important and this would be considered very rude. The pauses between words may cause insecurity and embarrassment in most of the Europe while Scandinavians are more tolerant of silent breaks during conversations. Generally, people inMediterranean and Eastern European countries tend to be t d t b more i ti t and stand close t one another. I other intimate d t d l to th In th European countries, people are more reserved and maintain greater personal space. When a French receives a letter and he is not in agreement he agreement, doesn’t respond (sending the signal “I don’t agree”). When a German writes a letter and you don’t respond, yousend the signal g “I agree”.

Hofstede’s Five Dimensions of Culture
Low vs high power distance vs. Individualism vs. collectivism Masculinity vs. femininity Low vs. high uncertainty avoidance g y Long vs. short term orientation According to what people consider as appropriate to d not h i do, how they actually h ll act

A comparison between management
The hierarchical distance. The controlof uncertainty The individualism The masculinity and feminity

The hierarchical distance. distance.

It is the degree of inequality waited and accepted by people. The distribution of power in a b l Th di t ib ti f i company is always unequal , according to cultures , people accept more or less authority.

The control of uncertainty
So e cu tu es suppo t the taking s , other prefer Somecultures support t e ta g risk, ot e p e e avoidance. It is how people face the risk. It is the degree of tolerance at a concern caused by future events events. In the societies with weak control of uncertainty : the members feel rather safe. In the societies with strong control of uncertainty, the members have an high degree of anxiety which appears by a great nervousness, an emotionalism or a...
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