Les jeunes sont -ils plus enclin que les adultes?

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Unmistakably, the teenagers are an integral part of the society. They possess much more energy and enthusiasm than adults, and they often expresssurprising opinions on any sorts of questions . This is due to the experiences they've lived, the variety of their points of view and their extremevitality. Young people are capable of contributing in a relevant way to the debates and to find solutions to some problems .
On the contrary, adultstake too much precautions and are very careful when facing problems or when they have a decision to take. Teenagesr reactmore spontaously .Forexample an adult will always think about their family ,their job and their social status , before getting involved in a given cause .
In generalteenagers are sincere and faithfull when they get involved in a a cause that seems really important to them and that they find good: they're deeplyinvolved in it. They are not selfish they don't calculate. The adults however are most often unfaithful and always look toward their own interests .Forexample in the school when people are ask to give present to help orphens , we notice that teenagers give more donations than adults .
In conclusion wecan say that teenagers aremore willing to help other because that put more much energy in what they are inspired in doing. They show much moreinterest troughout what they decide to do. Teenagers should be seen by adults like a good help and don't forget that they can also be a good help.
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