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(ou à gauche l’adresse) Adresse de l’expéditeur
10, rue des Acacias
33000 Bordeaux
Tel : +33 (0)557 390 487
E.mail : contact@windtchnology.com

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Jonathan HAWKES
12 BrimstoneAvenue
Bristol BS59 NG
ENGLAND May 30, 2010
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Subject : Reply to your proposal
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Dear Mr. Hawkes,
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Thank you for (thanksfor) your letter dated 15 May, 2010. We are very interested in your proposals concerning the European campaign to protect the environment. Indeed, we have long been aware of the important role thatfirms could play with regard to environmental issues.
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We are very keen to know how to protect environment and save money at the same time, it sounds too good to be true!

We wouldlike, therefore, to take advantage of your offer of lectures and training courses the aim of which is to make employees aware of the need to participate in the campaign and to show then simple waysof saving money within the firm by reducing waste, electricity and water consumption.

In order to organize this event, we would be very happy to welcome the lecturer as soon as possible (asap).Would the week Monday to Friday 12 June be suitable? We will leave the choice of day or days up to you.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future and to welcoming the person in charge.Yours sincerely,

Sylvain Dupont
Managing Director

Catherine Martin
Personal Assistant
Pp: Sylvain Martin, Managing Director

Commentaire : surtout pas d’indication de lieuJamais d’alinéa

Dear Sir or Madam , (on ne connait pas la personnes) = Yours faitfully, (pour finir la lettre)
Dear Jonathan, (on connait bien la personne) = Yours...
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