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14th November 2010

Re : A motivated student who wants to do the DUETI____________________________________________________________


Dear Sir,

Nowadays, to work in the marketing sector, it's essential to have international experience and it's indispensable to speak perfectlyenglish.That's why I've decided to go to Scotland, England or Ireland the next year, to learn marketing, and in the same time, to make progress in English.

At the moment, I'm studentin second year in DUT Techniques de commercialisation in the university Jean Monnet in Saint Etienne. My marks are greats ( the last year, I was first in one's year), and I reallylike what I study, especially the Marketing.
After my studies, I would like to work in the marketing department of an international firm ( with the aim of being one day a marketingmanager). That's why it's so important for me to make my studies abroad.
Besides, English is the tongue the most important in the business area.

Every year, hundred of studentshave the opportunity to leave to make theirs studies abroad, and now it's my time and I don't want to miss this wonderful opportunity.
I know that I'm really lucky to make thisDUETI, and I want to represent the university of Saint Etienne, which gives me this chance.
The DUETI represents for me an opportunity to discover others cultures, to bebroad-minded, to progress in the further points, ...

I'm determinated to go, and I know this experience is made for me : I'm sociable, I'm smiling and when I really want something I'll doeverything to succeed. Besides, I'm really curious to discover new things.

I look forward your answer.

Yours faithfully.


Ps: Please find enclosed my Curriculum Vitae.
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