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Subjet : At the end oh this first semester at Langhord Amit writes a letter to this parents pretending he's happy.

22 warwick st
Yorks PR74JQ

February 21th 2011Dear mum and dad,

I hope you're fine. I'm good, I like it here my first semester was very good. I made many
friends, they are great. I could make my place with them. Idon't regret to do my studies
here, it's a nice place. I'll tell you my good first semester. At the beginning I was alone, I
hadn't friends and I was lost because I did notknow the school. But very fast students came
to me. They were very curious to know me, I think it's because my origins. I am the only
Indian here . But I don't mind it'spretty cool actually. So I make friends and they invited me
to parties with them. Then I started a swimming. I do competitions, I win sometimes. It's to
bad you're not here forsee that but I'm doing well without you. I learned to be
independent, to be responsible and I realize that I miss you but I can do with that. My school
is excellent there aremany activites to do and there are a beautiful library. We eat well.
I confess I didn't want to go first but now I know it's a good thing to me to be here.
Every day irealize how much I'm happy to be here, to be in this fabulous school. I learn
many things here. I have very good note and I spend my free time to be with my friends,
going tomovies, playing sports, reading good books it's perfect here, really.
I have to go study, I have a test tomorrow. Takecare yourself. I'll try to come on holiday for
see you. I hope that all is well on your side. I kiss you. Even though I love this place I do not
forgotten you.

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