My trip to montreal

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Sunday, March 13th

The travel has beginning this morning.
I’ve make the choice to travel far away of my family, my friends and all the other peoples that I know and that I love.. Thischoice was difficult and was very important for me. Because it’s the first time that I go on a trip alone, and in a country where I know nobody and nothing… I have to be careful.
It makes me sad, verysad.
Now I’m not interested to go to study in Montréal, I don’t know what I’m doing. If I don’t check this exam, I will be very sad and happy too. I know it’s freaky, but I don’t know how explain myfeelings.
Actually I’m in Frankfort, peoples aren’t very nice, they seem cold. It doesn’t correspond me. I’m a girl who love to laugh, to speak… All Germans aren’t not like this I know, but it’s likethis, I explain what I see.
By the glasses of the National Frankfort Airport, I see airplanes. I find this beautiful : it’s like Giant Birds J
Sometimes they are expensive but very efficient andfast. I send all my respect for the person who have I can see, Chinese, Indians, French, American, Japanese, European peoples. I love this place, as a melting pot. No differences. We are all humans, witha mouth, eyes, a nose, hair, a body, hands, foot, legs.. Isn’t it ?
I’m so excited at the idea to see North America ! I’m bored to visit, Italia, Spain, Algeria.. It’s killing me !
When I saw thecritics of the « auberge de jeunesse » it makes me Worry.
The most part of time it was negative critics. In front of me, there is a black woman, alone too. I don’t where she’s going, she seems to beworry like. She’s looking to the left and then to the right and away to the left.. She’s quiet as me, but she is alone so it‘s normal… : Ho no she’s taking her bags and goes in an other place. So, I’maway alone, I’m sad, very sad, I want to cry ! Cry ! Cry ! Cry ! And away Cry !
Dear paper, I let you and I’ll go if my plane is ready J
Good bye

Sunday, 19th March

I’ve make so many...
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