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Publishing Rights Agreement for Authors
This is a publication agreement and copyright license regarding a song, image, artwork, or other media format currently entitled,____________________________________________________________

_______________ __,to be published on The parties to this Agreement are: ___________________________ ________________________ and __________I. LICENSE OF COPYRIGHT

1. The Author grants to the Publisher a royalty-free, worldwide nonexclusive license to publish, reproduce, display, distribute, and use the media in any form, eitherseparately or as part of a collective work, including but not limited to a nonexclusive license to publish the media , copy and distribute the media , authorize reproduction of the media in anotherpublication, and authorize reproduction and distribution of the media or an abstract thereof by means of online services. The Author retains ownership of all rights under copyright in the Article, and allrights not expressly granted in this Agreement.
2. The Author grants to the Publisher the power to assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer any and all licenses expressly granted to the Publisherunder this Agreement.
3. Republication. The Author agrees to require that the Publisher be given credit as the original publisher in any republication of the media authorized by the Author. If thePublisher authorizes any other party to republish the media under the terms of paragraphs
1.2 of this Agreement, the Publisher shall require such party to ensure that the Author is credited as theAuthor.
1. The Author agrees that the Publisher may edit the media as suitable for publication on the Website. To the extent that the Publisher's edits amount tocopyrightable works of authorship, the Publisher hereby assigns all right, title, and interest in such edits to the Author. The Publisher agrees to publish the media subject to the understanding that the media...
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