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Loneliness is a feeling in which people experience a strong sense of emptiness and solitude. It is a feeling avoided by most of the people. Loneliness can cause: depression and suicide,antisocial behavior, Bad decision-making, Alcoholism and drug abuse and more. Loneliness is first of all feeling empty, also feeling unwanted and feeling unimportant.
Loneliness is feeling empty. Whenyou need someone or something to fill a space and you cannot find it, you start to feel empty. For example, many people like to have a big circle of friends. Others just need a few friends to be happy.But when we are looking either for a big circle or a few (sometimes just one person) to talk to and we cannot find it, we feel empty. We can also feel empty due to a relationship. For example, aperson in an unhappy relationship or marriage can feel empty. Also when a close friend, a best friend travel or move to another town or it is you who moved to another city, far away from the person youused to talk to, to be with, and to make confidence. In one sentence, loneliness when it is explained by “Is feeling empty” means when we are indeed of someone to talk to or to be around us and itcreates a feeling of emptiness , a feeling that something or someone is missing.
“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” Said Mother Teresa, and we think that she wasright by saying that. Is there a feeling worst than the feeling of being unwanted? This kind of loneliness is usually for the people who suffer a sickness or a huge disease. There is no person aroundthem to help them, support them. They feel undesirable. It can also be the person who look for attention, or just a partner, a relationship or just a friend and does not find it, they can feelundesirable. At this moment they think that nobody turns their head when they pass, in brief nobody pays attention to them. This is feeling unwanted. You feel like nobody wants to be with you, to be around...
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