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I. Presentation of a giant of the luxury p.

A. The History of Louis Vuitton p. B. The History of Moët-Hennessy p. C. The History of LVMH p.

II. A strategic segmentation p.

III. The adopted strategies p.

A. The strategy corporate p. B. The strategy business p. C. The strategy of development p.


VMH descended from a fusion of two family small firms, Louis Vitton and Moet Henessi. The group is at present the leader of the world of the industry of the luxury in front of two big groups Richemont and Gucci-PPR. His portfolio contains more than sixty prestigious brands what allows its world fame and its success at the international level. The sector of the luxury represents a world market estimated at 150 billion euro and does not to increase every year. LVMH is in a buoyant market.

We chose LVMH because we are interested in the world of the luxury, and in the future we would like to obtain a work experience to the them in the marketing sector,the communication sector or in the advertising sector during our studies in business school. We found very interesting to work for a company which is the leader of the luxury market .

I. Presentation of a giant of the luxury

To understand how LVMH became the world leader of the luxury it is necessary to know at first its history.
LVMH begins with the story of two family-owned Louis Vitton and Moet Henessy. It is thanks to these two companies that a world giant of the luxury was born.

A. The History of Louis Vuitton

In 1854, Louis Vuitton opened his own business in Paris. He created handbags and bags with luggage.
His business grew increasingly successful that’s why he opened a new shop outside Paris.
He became famous thanks to the quality of his products and he became the supplier of luggage to many of the most famous people.

In 1876, Vuitton introduced new designs

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