Mac donald - past year analysis

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 MC Donald’s is the eight Most Powerful Brand in the World

 Total Revenue for 2006-07 was $740.2 million
 Estimated CAGR of 40 percent

 Rs 400 crore being put in for expansion plans intoTier ll cities within three years
 Doubling of turnover within three years

 POLITICAL The operations of McDonalds are affected by the government policies on the regulations of fast foodoperation. Currently government are controlling the marketing of fast food restaurant because of health concern such as cardiovascular and cholesterol issue and obesity among the young and children in thecountry.

 ECONOMICS As a business entity, McDonalds need to face a lot of economic variables outside its company or its macro environment. Dealing with international sourcing for its materialMcDonalds should be aware on the global supply and currencies exchange.
 SOCIAL / CULTURAL Young urban consumers want technology in their life and facilities such as credit card payment, wirelessinternet, cozy and relaxing ambient place, and other attraction for their hangout and eating. All these needs should also be taken into consideration.  TECHNOLOGY For a fast food restaurant, technology doesnot give a very high impact on the company and it is not a significant macro environment variables. However McDonalds should be looking to competitors innovation and improve itself in term ofintegrating technology in managing its operation.

 The quick-service sandwich industry faces competitive pressures from a number of forces.
 The major competitive threats originate from competingsellers in the industry as well as firms in other industries that offer substitute products.  McDonald’s main competitors within the quick-service sandwich industry are continually deriving newstrategies through offensive and defensive tactics in order to gain customers and market share.

 One of the major issues for McDonald’s is it competitors.

Burger King is the second largest...
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