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Magazine publishing in the 21 Century: Paper.
Fashion Magazine

Firstly known as Toronto Life Magazine, Fashion Magazine is a Canadian magazine which was founded in 1977 in Toronto. It is currently based in Toronto with satellite offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. 10 issues a year are published by Saint Joseph Media, including special issues for seasons. It has areadership of 1982 million people. The current editor in chief is Bernadette Morra. The magazine’s publisher (Saint Joseph) also publishes other magazines which have other aims, like Canadian Family, Toronto Life, Quill and Quire or Weddingsbells.
With his Tag Line “Bring the World of Fashion Home”, the Fashion Magazine’s aim is to reach affluent style-conscious urban women, by covering international,national and local fashion and beauty trends and news.
Structure and content of the paper version:
Fashion is a high hand magazine, which costs 4$50 (per issue). The cover is full of headlines, in my mind,( especially on the October 2010 issue) but it is coherent and not too much. It got the perfect bound with a glossy paper, and it looks modern and lively. Like a lot of fashion magazines,there are more advertisements and visuals than text. More precisely, beauty and fashion advertisement for this one, but not only targeted on expensive brands, but also affordable ones, like H&M for example. It signifies that the magazine wants to touch all the women, from high and middle classes, with some special issues.
The specialty of Fashion Magazine is the importance of each issue, showedwith a specific theme. Each magazine has a main issue. For example, the 2010 November issue is about “Escape”. On August 2010, it was about “Modeling”. It seems clear, that Fashion Magazine tries to reach affluent, style-conscious urban women, through different ways of view. In my mind it also helps to precise the target of each issue. Indeed, even if the magazine is always targeted to styleconscious urban women, it seems to be clear that the target of the “Age” Issue will be older than the other ones. On the websites of the magazine, there is an historic of the issues, and we can see that there is always a ripe woman on the “Age” issue.
When I looked at the table of contents I have seen that it is a well structured magazine with an introduction with the editor in chief’s letter, and anoriginal page which shows the of the contributors of the magazine, giving their opinion on a fashion question ( that is the contributors section). I think it is a way to make us feel like they are affordable and closer to the readership. Effectively, we know them better because of these personal questions. And that is a way of getting more subscribers and readership in the now generation, bycreating proximity and confidence. Each issue is composed of six main parts:
* Always in Fashion
This part is like the introduction of the magazine. It talks about the content of the website and its novelties, a letter from the editor in chief, a presentation of the main contributors of the issue, trough a question concerning their likes concerning fashion life style. There is also the fashion BIGGIVEAWAY, which allows people to participate at a little competition, to then have the chance to win a stylish price. At the end of this part, there are the letters of the readers, which is a way to make the subscribers take part in the conception of the magazine.
* Fashion File
This part is the main fashion part of the magazine, because it focuses on the designers’ news and their historyinto the fashion world.
* Beauty
This part gives several advices concerning beauty products like fragrances, makeup and hair style. It helps women to find beauty products which correspond to their personalities, especially to their physical appearance and age.
* Culture
This part deals with travelling, designing, a cultural interviews concerning health and nature. That is a very...
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