Managing projects well

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Managing Projects Well
Stephen A. Bender





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This intensive look at project management teaches people what they need to know to lead or be members of a project team. This highly unusual treatment discusses the real world of projects. Perhaps it should be subtitled ‘what they don’tteach you in most project management schools’. Because it deals with people, this is a relationship-based project management approach. Most project management texts deal heavily in technical areas alone, leaving participants ill-prepared for the real project world; I know I was. I found my past project management training, although thorough and technical, to be only about 5% of what I needed toknow. I have learned these lessons the hard way, and wish for others not to have to do the same. This book spends less time in traditional technical areas, with most time spent in the behavioural areas of project management and team participation.

My experience includes many years of project membership and management, and simultaneous projects, ranging from the small to the multi-million dollarsize. After’examining the vast array of project management books, this publisher has found my approach so unique and important that they asked me to author this book.
Recommendedreaders are people who will either lead projects, or be team members or their managers. It also includes secretarial or administrative personnel who often have to juggle many projects at one time. Detailed subjects include:what happens when your boss decides the project’s schedule and budget and you have to work backwards to make things fit! how to communicate and present effectively within and beyond the team; how to cope when you do all the work, and have to manage multiple projects and non-project time besides; dealing effectively with stress; managing your time effectively and planning your day-without leavingyour family behind; changing your unproductive habits-quickly; what to do when things go wrong, and planning for it, including late suppliers, unannounced vacations, people quitting or being pulled to another project, budget cuts and schedule accelerations; and



organising people for success, including ideal methods for team member motivation. This includes the...
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