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Mark Harmon was born on September 2nd 1951 in Burbank in California(USA).
When he was young he has been a fan of baseball, he had already had his own team the “San Bernardio Spirit”.
His mother, Elyse Knox was abig actress in 1940, and his father was a player of American football.
Mark Harmon has been graduated in communication.
He began to playfootball like his father, next he became an actor. He had had his first role in “Le souffle de la tempête”. While he play in “Le soufflé de latempête” he had already obtain a role in series “Hospital St elsewhere”.
Though his movie is not a big success he had already a little public.But his career starts indeed when he obtains the first role in “Reasonable Doubts” with who he is rewarded with two Golden Globes. Before hehas been rewarded, he has already played in tree movies and two series. In 2003 he come back with a new series NCIS, he play the role of LerroyGibbs a special agent. Before he has been played in NCIS, he had already played in “La maison Blanche” with who he reworded an Emmy Awards.This actor is my favourite because he is so natural and funniest, he know play very good like the life. While I speak about him, he is probablywith his wife and his sons. I adore this actor I dream to meet him! He has been the most beautiful boy! He is definitely my favourite actor!!
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