Marketing strategic de carolle

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Strategy Marketing



Executive Summary 3
Introduction: 4
Caroll’s Introduction: 5
Caroll’s Analysis: 6 The Value Chain Analysis: 6 The 3V’s Analyze: 6 Porter’s Five Forces: 7 Ansoff Matrix: 9 SWOT analysis: 10 Caroll positioning matrix: 10 Boston Box matrix: 11 The Chinese market: 12 P.E.S.T: 12 The Strategy to sell in China: 13 Recommendations: 15
Conclusion : 16
Bibliography: 17

Executive Summary

For Final Assignment of Strategy Marketing, I have to talk about a French company called Caroll. I will describe this company by an internal and internal audit. We will see the sector of investigation and his goals. Then we have to try to enter the Chinese market with a study of China’s risks, china habits and competitors in the china market. By theses information, we will do a strategy plan to the company to start in the textile market in China.

First of all, I will introduce the strategy of Caroll, with a presentation of the company, his customer target, his kind of market, his strategy planning…
Then I will focus on the Chinese Market with a PEST analysis and Porter Forces to get a clearly view of China market. In addition we will use models covered on the course such as Value Chain Analysis, the Boston Box, Ansoff Matrix.
Also I will give some result and recommendation for the new Caroll Strategy.


In the sector of the fashion, there are a lot of companies with a huge kind of brand are trying to implement their strategy in order to success. In France we have got this culture of “couture”, and we want sometimes to expend us at international in order to develop brand into new markets. France, as Italy and Spain, makes part of these countries that are representing the fashion environment all over the world.
The company Caroll, a French company want’s to expand and go on new market as China. This choice is due to the crisis that

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