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Relationship marketing
1) Focus on customer. The goal is to have zero unhappy customer. If one customer is unhappy, he will spread the word. Happy customer may or may not say he is happy The causewhy a customer is unhappy is often because of the way he is treated, and not because of the product. In a business, everyone is responsible to keep the customer happy.
2) Devotion to quality. If yourproduct is of better quality, you can expect that your prices will go up. It is the reason why people buy iPhone instead of an Android phone.
3) Attention to convenience. Convience refers tolocation, hours, delivery,… you have to sell the more convenient product. In the US there are many shops that are opened 24 hours a day, like grocerie stores, Wallmart, pharamcies, McDonald’s,…
5) Dedication to service. You have to do the best to be devoted to customer. Creating fans us customers -> your customers have to be enthousiastic about your company. The technology can be usedto insure customer service. The best exemple is airlines company who use technology, and the customer can choose by himself, without talking.
6) Speed. It’s not about the speed of the product, butabout the service around the product. Exemple : company in the US that sell customized products. The company has a competitive advantage on its competitors not because it delivers th eproduct faster,but because it answers to the price offer within 24 hours, whereas its competitors answer within 3 days.
Srategies for start-ups
Staffing process
* The goal is to attract and keep best peoplepossible
* Job audit : need for a job description (answering the questions WHO are we seeking and for WHAT –specification of the job)
* The question is to know WHEN to hirepeople. A start-up must not hire someone too soon. Indeed, in the early times, the start-up could not bring profit byt nevertheless, the employees need to be paid. On the other hand, it is possible to...
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