Measurement and control basics

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Measurement and Control Basics, 3rd Edition
Thomas A. Hughes

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Process Control and Process Control Loops Fundamentals Temperature and Pressure Measurement Level Measurement and Control Analytical and Flow Measurement

Taken from Measurement and Control Basics, Third Edition

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Hughes, Thomas A. Measurement and control basics / Thomas A. Hughes.-- 3rd ed. p. cm. -- (Resources for measurement and control series) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 1-55617-764-X 1. Process control--Instruments. 2. Measuringinstruments. I. Title. II. Series. TS156.8 .H78 2001 670.42'7--dc21 2001006083

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This “mini-book” is available both in downloadable form, as part of the ISA Press Digital Book Library, and bound in a print format. “Mini-books” are small, unified volumes, from 25 to 100 pages long, drawn from the ISA catalog of reference and technical books. ISA makes mini-books available toreaders who need narrowly focused information on particular subjects rather than a broad-ranging text that provides an overview of the entire subject. Each provides the most recent version of the material—in some cases including revisions that have not yet been incorporated in the larger parent volume. Each has been re-indexed and renumbered so it can be used independently of the parent volume.Other mini-books on related subjects are available. The material in this mini-book was drawn from the following ISA titles: • Measurement and Control Basics, 3rd Edition, by Thomas A. Hughes. Order Number: 1-55617-764-X

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ISA Resources for Measurement and Control Series (RMC)
• • • • • • Measurement andControl Basics, 3rd Edition (2002) Industrial Level, Pressure, and Density Measurement (1995) Industrial Flow Measurement (1990) Programmable Controllers, 3rd Edition (2001) Control Systems Documentation: Applying Symbols and Identification (1993) Industrial Data Communications: Fundamentals and Applications, 3rd Edition (2002) • Real-Time Control Networks (1993) • Automation Systems for...
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