Memo discrimination en anglterre

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In a fist time it is important to know the meaning of the word discrimination. The discrimination is the distinction in favor or against, a person's group, class, or category towhich that person it's generally a racial and religious intolerance.

In a second time, nothing have to support any discrimination because it’s very bad for the society.In greatBritain we can see lot of communities but Unfortunately, these communities do not mix them.
The Chinese community, black community ,Pakistan community and “with” community all thesecommunities are apart from each other.
Worst in all this is that the discrimination most often begins at school.
The children’s country do not play with children’s immigrant most oftime because they have different skin color.Or other reasons, but the education of parents is to a lot of things. I think that we should prevent tomorrow's adults adverse effects ofdiscrimination in society
The discrimination it’s very bad for the economy of the country because everyone works for a one global economy so nobody should feel excluded.
Also itis important to note that discrimination is one of the reasons of unemployment because the color of skin are sometimes more important for employers that the level of study .Against discrimination, there are lot of associations that would like a law against discrimination. we speak of "positive discrimination”. In my opinion this to be a good idea
I thinkthat discrimination it’s very bad and every country every society and every city.
And the role of a politic system is to prohibit discrimination.
It’s so dangerous if the systemencourage people to practice discrimination.
So the government is forced to find a law that will fight again the discrimination in the country and make the country a united country.
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