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TO: All employers who uses company`s credit card

FROM: Security center

DATE: 24 March , 2011

SUBJECT: Credit Card Fraud

Due to the increasing incidence of credit card fraud system security office calls you to inform all employees be vigilant and cautious when use credit cards.

With more options being offered by banks, it's easier for thieves to tap into your resources. By following the following advice, you can avoid such problems and thwart fraud.
• Don't print your driver's license number, phone number, social security number, or telephone number on your checks.
• Have your checks mailed to your bank, and pick them up there.
• Don't mail checks from your home. Mail them from the post office.
• Find out if your debit card has fraud protection similar to credit cards. Many don't.
• Read your bank statements closely for anything that you don't recognize, and look into it immediately. Don't forget ATM withdrawls and miscellaneous memos.
• Use secure ATM locations. Watch for people lurking nearby or extraneous electronics attached to the ATM interface. If the machine takes your card (as opposed to just letting you swipe it) make sure you have it when you walk away.
• Avoid letting businesses debit your bank account instead of a credit or debit card. If something goes wrong, a credit or debit card is so much easier to change than your bank account number.
If you lose your card or you have any questions about credit card fraud, please contact us at 555-6767 or by e-mail

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