Mix marketing d'une marque de cosmétiques anglaise

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Today the company has serious problems, with annual sales growth of less than 1.5 %.
Hazel must rediscover his succes of the mid-1980s. The firm was one of the leaders on themarket of cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries.

Today to conquer new market , the brand must to rethink all their marketing politics : the product politic, the price politic, the place politic and thecommunication politic.
In a first time, for a pertinent marketing , the brand must adapt to the new trends of cosmetics market.

Since a few year, new consumers appear on the cosmetics market .Men , most of them use
The teen and pre teens , use earliest complexion care products on a daily basics
Hazel must adapt to the evolution of the population. Today, the ageing of the populationincrease
Middle aged women ,who are shearching the most performant anti wrinkle care


To begin Hazel must rethink his packaging .For exemple a packaging with trendy colours. Each line rangeof products must have his own packaging : a young design to seduce a teen target , a smarty design to seduce middle aged women .

Then, to become the new leader of this market, it isimportant to get ride of a lot of line range of products which are not monney spinners , like :
the sector of deodorants wich represent 9% of company sales

It's also important to propose a new line rangeof products for each season's , sun care for the summer season for example.


I think that you need to envisage a new main to distribuate his product because the door to door is anhold fashioned method. You need to develop your distribution on internet, in supermarket, in perfumery to mutltiply the targets.

The Asian Pacific, Europa and south Americana markets aren'texplored today , products and communication must be adapted to better touch on these customers.


The firme must choose new communication support , most innovating and forceful that...
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