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Renée O’connor
Renée O’Connor actress, director, producer and painter, was born in Houston, Texas. At the age of 12, she begins to study the comedy to the Alley HustonTheater, later she will go to the High school of the visual art and the show of Houston.
She falls under the spell of the dramatic art having interpreted her first small role to the theater in eightyears. At the age of 16 she picks up a role in an publicity for MCDONALD, then for an amusement park and participle frequently from 1989 in the broadcast New Mickey Mouse Club on Disney Channel. Sheis also a professor of aerobics in Los Angeles where she moves at the age of 18.
After some small roles in series such as Match, The Tales of the crypt or still New York Police Blues, she(it) getsnoticed by Robert Tapert and Sam Raimi during its audition for the role of Deianeira in the series Hercule. She auditions afterward for Gabrielle's role, for series Xena, the warrior, whom she picks upeasily. During the shooting of the series she sees frequently Steve Muir, a New Zealand restaurant owner, whom she marries on October 14th, 2001. Of this union is born their son Miles. They divorce in2005.
While she(it) interprets Gabrielle's role, her(its) interest for the realization is felt(smelt). She dashes(launches) thus officially into the domain by realizing only two episodes of theseries.
En 2002 elle réalise son rêve en produisant son premier film Diamonds and Guns qui sort après plus de cinq ans de problèmes budgétaires.
Alors qu’elle continue d’avancer dans son projetpersonnel, elle continue tout de même à tourner dans des films et série.
Alors que 2008 marque la sortie officielle du DVD de Diamonds and Guns et Boogeyman 2, 2009 est une autre grande année pour RenéeO'Connor, puisque sort Words Unspoken, son second film. Elle ne se contente pas d'y jouer, puisqu'elle l'a également écrit, produit et réalisé. Words Unspoken est un succès. Elle remporte le prix du...
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